Teaching Portfolio

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." John Dewey

Last day student teaching


Monica Walker
4596 s. Ebony Ave. Salt Lake City UT 84123






This portfolio is dedicated to my process of developing as a teacher as well as defining my philosophy of education while in the Masters in Arts of Teaching program. Thank you to my parents, peers, professors, and students who have shown me that being a teacher is not just my career, but is being who I am.


Letters of Recommendation 

        Derek Bunting            Lisa Thornbrue       

Philosophy of Education

Guiding Question                                                                                       1: Structures and Reforms                                                                                                   2: Concepts and Collaboration

Teacher Work Sample

Mentor Teacher Final Evaluation

                Derek Bunting            Lisa Thornbrue     

Supervisor Final Evaluation

Praxis Scores

                English              Art Content Knowledge

Final MAT Presentation